Nobel Prize Summit: Truth, Trust and Hope

Knight Foundation was a proud supporter of The Nobel Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences in convening the Nobel Prize Summit – Truth, Trust and Hope – which took place May 24-26 in Washington, DC and online. 

Technology and business leaders, policymakers, journalists, educators, and youth from around the world convened across three days to explore how to counter the pervasive spread of misinformation and disinformation, share evidence-based knowledge and experiences, and find ways to help restore confidence in science and institutions. 

“In recent years, Knight has invested deeply in new scholarship that can animate the policies and practices that promote democracy through enhanced access to trustworthy civic information online,” said John Sands, Knight Foundation’s senior director for media and democracy. “The Nobel Summit was a signal moment for civil society to begin the pivot from observing and describing one of our most pressing challenges to addressing it with a shared vision for our digital information future.” Knight President Alberto Ibargüen delivered opening remarks at the event.

Watch the recorded event from May 24.