St. Paul

In St. Paul, Knight supports the projects and places helping establish the downtown corridor as a vibrant hub for community, creativity and inclusive economic growth.

Knight’s St. Paul Strategy

Since 2000, Knight Foundation has committed more than $40 million in St. Paul, including support for the Central Corridor Funders Collaborative, which brought opportunity to new parts of the city through the development of the Green Line light rail; the Saint Paul Downtown Alliance, which engages private-sector partners to design a sustainable Business Improvement District downtown; and the creation of American Public Media’s Glen Nelson Center downtown, which supports rising entrepreneurs, innovation and business development. Recently, we committed $1.5 million to the Minnesota Museum of American Arts – downtown’s first and only arts institution – helping establish its permanent home in the historic Pioneer Endicott building, stimulating creative activity and inspiring residents and visitors alike.

Knight’s St. Paul program centers on:

  1. Supporting an inclusive entrepreneurial and small business ecosystem that encourages economic growth.
  2. Energizing the downtown corridor to attract residents and make the city even more vibrant.
  3. Raising the profile of downtown Saint Paul as a hub for new ideas and creative activity.  

Knight also invests in the city’s local arts scene, as a way to build community, through its arts program. Learn more about Knight’s Arts program.

Knight St. Paul office:

370 Wabasha St. N
suite 630
St. Paul MN 55102

St. Paul Community Advisory Committee members:

Jon McTaggart, American Public Media; Fayneese Miller, Hamline University; Lynne Ostermann; Jamie Stolpestad, EG Capital; Marcq Sung, Department of Planning & Economic Development, City of Saint Paul.


  • Jai Winston
  • Director/St. Paul